Enterprise Software for the Heavy-Duty Truck & Trailer Industry


At Perfit, we're very passionate about the software we develop for the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry. We spend a lot of time working closely with our customers to design and deliver solutions that are easy to use. How we do this is by counting the clicks and reducing the steps that people need to get their job done. Whether you are a truck repair shop working on preventative maintenance, or a dealer ordering truck trailer parts, to us, the less time you're in our application, the better. And we support this through our engineering and automated quality assurance efforts to create great business management software.

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Fleet Maintenance Software

Our truck & trailer fleet maintenance software is designed to drive all of your repair shop data towards the VMRS based fleet cost reports. You can use this capability to compare different truck makes and models, and use other management functionality to manage both your preventative maintenance schedules and deferred work. And if you are also a rental & leasing fleet, be sure to check out our integrated rental & leasing software.

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Rental & Leasing Software

Our rental & leasing software is designed for you to find availability of truck and trailer assets, handling reservations, and letting you know how well the assets are performing based on comparisons against depreciation, netbook value, maintenance costs and of course how much revenue each asset is generating. And if you have a repair shop, take a look at our repair shop software as well.

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Dealer Management Software

The biggest challenge to the truck & trailer dealer business system market is the availability of modernized tools to efficiently run a world class dealer organization. If you are a dealer and are looking for management software, make sure to take a look at what we've got. Many dealerships also run a rental & leasing fleet, so be sure to take a look at our fully integrated rental & leasing software.

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Repair Shop Software

Our first customer was a repair shop that manages their customer's trailer fleet. And it is from this heritage that we continuously focus our software on the unique challenges for the fleet focused truck & trailer repair shop. Whether you need to produce VMRS based fleet reports, or manage preventative maintenance schedules, we've got all the software for you to manage your dedicated fleet customers. If you're a dealer, you can take a look at our dealer management software. Plus, we've also got a mobile repair order add-on module that might interest you as well.

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Mobile Repair Order Software

Our new mobile repair order add-on module works to complement both the fleet repair order and repair shop work order system. Track technician hours and issue parts in the field in real-time with this fully integrated repair order module. Whether you are a dealer working on a truck or a trailer, or even a refeer, this mobile repair order module is for you!

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EMDECS Software Blog

Find out about interesting facts and ways to use EMDECS by following us on our blogs. In addition to dealer management, mobile repair order, and rental & leasing topics, we've also got a lot more to offer. As our support group finds solutions to common questions from our customers, we'll continue to post them for everyone to see.

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